Mission Statement:

 "Together, We Can Make The Difference."

Our Team


WE are committed to providing services to people in need of support. Our mission  is to effect positive change through mutual consultation. Everyone should be afforded the opportunity to live the best consultation. Everyone should be afforded the opportunity to live the best life humanly possible. We are dedicated to working towards this effort.


Services are designed to support each Shura resident to live, work, socialize, and to encourage the highest level of participation in his/her community, i.e. needs, wants and desires with special consideration for community safety. The intent of this mission is to focus on choices, preferences and satisfaction of individuals served by Shura, Inc.


Shura being a non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Maryland which is engaged in mental health; residential and community supported services and enrichment to the developmentally disabled; dual diagnosed; mentally challenged; and the community at large. Shura is an Arabic word which means Mutual Consultation, in the decision making process to lead to self-determination.


This is basis of our philosophy and motivation. The team approach (inclusive of the individual; family; Service Coordination; Day Program (Shura Day) representation; Shura staff and concerned others) is implemented to proved services, tailored to the needs of each person that we serve. Trained, committed staff help the individuals we serve to establish values; make healthy choices; and to move towards greater independence. we truly believe that "Together, We Can Make The Difference."

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Through the Maryland Development Disabilities administration, shura, Inc. intends to provide Residential, Vocational, and Personal Support Services.

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Staffing and Training

Frequently Asked Question


Work Enviroment

Hiring Process

Staffing level of individual(s) is determined by needs. Due to the high chronicity of the individuals Shura serves staff ration are generally 1:1 or 1:2 in the community. In a few cases the ratios is 1:3, and a few individuals have earned independent time in the community.


All trainings will be in accordance with COMAR

Staff must be:

  • 21 years of age
  • Possession of a high school diploma or GED
  • Negative results from Urinalysis, Pass Physical Exam with TB screening
  • Acceptable Criminal Background Check (in accordance with COMAR)
  • Submit Driving Record



116, Slade Ave. Baltimore, Maryland - 21112