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Supported Employment Services will be offered for individuals who are/ or will be employed in paid or volunteer employment. Individuals will be supported in gaining or maintaining employment. staff will assist with paid employment or volunteer employment with another agency or in community business a minimum or 20 hours per week.


Shura, Inc. will provide assistance/ guidance in job skill training for job performance and assistance in enterprise development for all participants. This will include but not be limited to determining type of job best suited for the individual based on ability and choice; skills required to perform a job; guidance in acceptable job related behaviors and interviewing skills. Role playing and other tools will be used to teach interviewing skills and appropriate dress. The focus of all activities in this setting is job acquisition and reasonableness of success.


Participants will be taught community mobility to use transportation available and appropriate dependent upon their staffing coverage and independence level of participant.


the Individual Plan and the tram will be the guiding force in determining appropriate settings and employment. The goal is success for the individual being served.


The scope of residential services is driven by individuals 'interests, preferences and needs. Individuals, whom we support, are encouraged to participate fully in the development of the Individual plan, and to exercise their choices in setting goals and in directing their lives. Community safety is a priority as some individuals we support have either forensic involvement or maladaptive behaviors that con impact on society.  Shura provides 24 hour awake/alert supervision to individuals receiving residential services.


In addition to providing traditional residential supports, Shura, Inc. has created environments that produce opportunities for persons supported by Shura to live full lives:


  • Individuals supported may be trained to access public transportation, in the same fashion as their non-DD counterparts. This includes, but is not limited to using the MTA, learning how to use cabs, and social transportation mobile apps such as UBER and  LYFT.
  • Persons supported by Shura are able to fully integrate into the community, through the use of unsupervised time in the community; attending various concert and festivals, such as live concerts, featuring artists of their choosing; attending wrestling events; sporting events;going to nightclubs; attending local and Broadway plays; vacationing; talent shows; fishing trips; hosting their own birthday celebration; and Shura sponsored weekend activities are gear to expose the persons we support to a wide variety of experiences that those in the community enjoy.
  • Persons supported are encouraged to build and maintain healthy relationships (romantic and platonic), building natural support in the community, as well. We at Shura encourage normal dating lives, regardless of sexual orientation; ability to live with a significant other (if under the auspices of Shura); marriage; respect of  all religions, affording the persons supported by Shura to practice their faith; and any other interpersonal experience that is afforded to the general populace.
  • Persons supported also hold weekly round-table meetings, referred to as "just Community Meetings", where the house-mates are able to discuss their concerns,  and establish agreed upon ground rules for the running of their home, similar to roommates in the community.
  • Encouragement to participate in hobbies of their choice. Current hobbies include: arts and crafts, painting, journaling, and scrap-booking.
  • Entrepreneurship is key at Shura, and individuals are encouraged to become independently wealthy. Some businesses include being an Avon representative, car washing services, landscaping services, and hauling and moving.
  • Whether for religious purposes or not, dietary accommodations of the individuals are honored.

Personal Support Services were previously Known as community Supported Living Arrangements (CSLA). Individuals Receiving personal supports are able to have staffing for an allotted amount of time each day, or week, as tailored by the person served and  family/natural supports. The number of hours each person with personal supports receives is based on the number of funded hours, ultimately determined by DDA. Persons receiving personal supports utilize these services for various reasons, such as assistance with daily living skills, managing medical appointments, assistance with transportation, and access to community integration.


In addition, persons receiving personal supports through  Shura, are salso given the opportunity to participate in any of the community integration activities that persons receiving residential supports participate in. This includes Shura weekend activities and the Shura vacation.


The scope of Day Habilitation will include activities to increase or maintain motor skills; communication skills; personal hygiene skills; and community integration. Our program geared to increased or maintained motor skills may include an exercise program headed by a Certified Fitness Trainer, or outreach to DDA for exercise dvd's proven effective for individuals with limitation in motor skills. Communication skills will include role laying with provided scripts to be used as an acceptable model. Manners will be included in the day habilitation to reinforce or instill good communication in every day living. Personal hygiene can be a difficult skill to acquire and yet it is essential to improved community integration. A series of discussions and trainings in this very important area will be used to achieve this objective. Leisure skills may include walking, playing games, watching acceptable movies and exposure to trips to the Maryland Zoo, plays, etc. Community integration will be enhanced through increased skills in motor skills, communication, personal hygiene and leisure skills.

The scope of vocation services shall include vocational assessment activities to explore vocational skills, readiness and knowledge,. Job training, work skills training and possible placement, as one of the main goals includes job readiness for those who may be able to obtain employment. Training in social skills, i.e. acceptable work behaviors and personal management are key to job readiness. Role modeling and other models will be used to help vocational participants mimic acceptable behaviors. Focus will be given to the importance of acceptable hygiene in a vocational setting. It all revolves around work skills. It is our intent to help our day participants to achieve their goal in vocational  services. We will strive to keep groups small, no more than 20 participants as we assess and prepare our vocational participant to achieve goals in their Individual plan .

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